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Our Pro Line is manufactured using a special blend of plastics designed to provide unique qualities for each model. These quality discs offer increased durability over our DX plastic and provide an enhanced grip when compared to the Champion plastic. Our Pro Line Discs provide additional glide when compared to all our other disc lines and are more affordable than our premium Champion or Star Line discs. KC Pro is named after 12 time World Champ Ken Climo and is a firm blend of Pro. McPro is a signature blend of Pro developed for 2x World Champ Paul McBeth. McPro is almost as firm as KC Pro, but offers a slightly more tacky grip. JK Pro is named after 5 time World Champion Juliana Korver and is a soft, flexible and grippy blend of Pro material. Yeti Pro is right in the middle of KC Pro and JK Pro, offering a firm yet flexible material named after 4 time putting World ChampionJay "Yeti" Reading. The different blends of our Pro Line plastic can produce discs in a wide range of rigidity, from extremely soft and flexible to stiff, firm plastic. Regardless of the firmness of the disc, all Pro models offer unique grip.

*Colors Vary*