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OBO ROBO Chest Protector with Arm Guards



  • $ 365.00
  • Save $ 4.95

High density foam covers key body areas and internal organs
• The heart is further protected by an additional 16 mm high density polyethylene foam pad
• Unique two section design allows the lower section to wrap tightly around the chest and ribs and allows the upper section to protect the clavicles and shoulders
• When you move your arms and shoulders, the upper section closely follows your body movement while the lower section stays firmly in place
• Colors available: Black/ Silver
Available in sizes: S-L
Size Guide:
Fingertip to Armpit: 24"-27" | Length: 16.5"
Fingertip to Armpit: 27"-30" | Length: 18"
Fingertip to Armpit: 30"- 33" | Length: 20.9"

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