OBO Robo HI Control Leg Guards



  • $ 489.99
  • Save $ 4.96

Equipment for the elite level goalie. Designed for players at a national or senior level (and those who want to get there).
OBO’s ROBO range is the one most Olympians rely on for performance, style, protection and complete confidence.
OBO Hi Control Leg guards have been designed to enable the goalie to move quickly and naturally.
Hi Control Provides the ultimate in close control, used by goal keepers who adopt a traditional style of play and like to log at corners. • The evenly curved shape achieves maximum control of rebound off the face of the leg guard.
The shape of the guard completely encases the leg. Kickers feature large ‘sweet spot’ and plastic inserts to protect and dissipate ball impact.
The ultimate in flexible protection for top-level goalkeepers.
Hi Control kickers are sold separately.

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