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TK Trilium Junior Field Hockey Stick



  • $ 39.95

Constructed using 100% Fiberglass, the TK Trilium Junior Fiberglass Field Hockey Stick is more forgiving to the touch so the ball won't rebound too far away from your stick when trapping it, and the head has a 10mm hook extension allowing for quicker reverse stick control.  It utilized Reactive Liquid Polymers in its construction for improved durability, and the bow was designed to provide maximum ball control.  With its fun, colorful designs and excellent performance, any beginner field hockey player will love this stick and how much it aids in learning the game.


  • Balanced profile for an upright playing style
  • 10mm hook extension for quicker reverse stick control
  • Reactive Liquid Polymers added to the stick's fiber matrix for improved durability
  • More prominent TK elephant design


  • Level: Beginner
  • Weight: 530g
  • Composition: 100% Fiberglass
  • Bow Type - Bow Size: Control bow - 22mm

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